Life on the Spectrum: Audra Meeks

This is a part of a KBIA special project about the journey of caregivers of people with autism. KBIA is the NPR member station in Columbia, Missouri. I worked with another reporter on the project. We both filmed and scripted the three videos we created. I edited the videos. You can watch the full series at

September 2017

Life on the Spectrum: Jamie Henderson

This is the second video for the KBIA special project "Life on the Spectrum." You can watch the full series at

Back on the Road

I worked with a classmate on this video which accompanied my KBIA audio feature on Dennis Thompson, a motorcyclist who kept riding after a crash took his right arm, leg and his vision more than a decade ago. I edited the video. My classmate and I both served as videographers. 

Republican Voters In Missouri Weigh In On Primary Senate Race

I conceptualized this video and worked with another KCUR intern to show what issues Republican voters were thinking about. This video was embedded in an audio feature story about the Republican Senate primary.  Rebekah Hange filmed the interviews and we both edited the video. 

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